8.11 Discussion Questions

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Review Questions

1. Why does cancer want to evade apoptosis, and what are some ways that it accomplishes this?

2. Discuss in detail how apoptosis aids in the prevention of cancer.

3. Discuss how senescence can contribute to cancer progression and survival. How does this conflict with the purpose of cell senescence?

4. List the theories and mechanisms behind two therapies that target apoptosis?

5. What are some challenges in designing therapies that target apoptosis?

6. Discuss the functions of IAP proteins; what is their mechanism of action? 

7. Propose some advantages and disadvantages in designing therapeutics that target IAPs.

8. Discuss the differences between monovalent and bivalent IAP antagonists - which one do you think is better? explain why. 

9. Based on the evidence cited in this chapter, do you think autophagy is tumor promoting or tumor suppressing? If you think both descriptions apply, rationalize when autophagy may be tumor promoting and when it may be tumor suppressing.