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Free Social Knowledgebase .

CuboCube is the next generation in learning technology. With CuboCube, you can collaboratively create and enjoy quality content.

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How CuboCube works:
1) Import Your Content
Upload your premade content/outline into CuboCube with just a few clicks.
2) Edit Collaboratively
Allow your peers to edit and annotate your work, adding material and clarifying hard concepts.
3) Discuss and Share
Get feedback on your content and share the knowledge in your network.
Learning is a social process,
so let's make content social.
CuboCube is for:
  • Import, annotate, and edit PDFs, text, images, or video
  • Upload your class notes and work together to make them complete
  • Collaboratively make new content with your peers, or annotate what you're reading
  • Find out what people in your network are making and learning

  • Form discussions about your content and content you enjoy
  • Enjoy the growing free repository of books, videos, and other content within CuboCube
  • Absolutely FREE to use

  • Let students point out and clarify personally challenging topics
  • Let students remove roadblocks they encounter when learning new material
  • Allow students to annotate text and video
  • Build an understandable knowledgebase built by students, for students

  • Bring the power of social to the online classroom
  • Take advantage of the growing repository of material within CuboCube
  • Easily keep material up-to-date
  • Absolutely FREE to use

  • Improve productivity with social documentation
  • Easily import documentation you've already made
  • Let trainees improve tutorials as they go through them

  • Manage content more easily with our integrated platform
  • Let authors and readers cooperate and build better, tailored content
  • Absolutely FREE to use

Learning has stayed the same for hundreds of years.
Let's change that.